Crossgate Community Partnership

Rushford Court, formerly the County Hospital

New student accommodatioin at Rushford Court, formerly the County Hospital

Crossgate Community Partnership is a forum for the people of the Crossgate area of Durham to work together to conserve and improve its environment and amenities, and to promote a strong, safe, healthy, and balanced community.

We meet monthly, in the North Road Methodist Church; our next meeting will be on Monday 3 December at 7.45 pm. Anybody and everybody who lives in the area is welcome to attend our meetings.

Our AGM in February 2018 appointed the following trustees for the coming year: Liz Brown, Roger Cornwell, Alan Doig, Ann Evans, Simon Priestley and Simon Squires.

Our schedule of meetings for 2018 is: Monday 5 February; Tuesday 6 March; Monday 9 April (2nd April is Easter Monday); Tuesday 1 May; Monday 4 June; Tuesday 3 July; Monday 6 August; Tuesday 4 September; Monday 1 October; Tuesday 6 November; Monday 3 December. These dates have now been confirmed. All meetings 7.45 - 9.15 pm, at the North Road Methodist Church.

City of Durham Council

The new Parish Council for the City of Durham has decided to take the name 'the City of Durham Council'.

The first year's meetings are scheduled for Thursday 26th July, Thursday 23rd August, Thursday 27th September, Thursday 25th October, Thursday 22nd November and Thursday 20th December 2018; and for Thursday 24th January, Thursday 28th February and Thursday 28th March 2019. The time and place of meetings is subject to confirmation, and Extraordinary meetings may also be called.

Members of the public are entitled to attend all meetings and Committee Meetings of the Council.

Council website

Living out in Crossgate? Download the Council's Student Life App for information on rubbish and recycling (including bin collection dates for your street), accommodation, events in Durham, personal safety, health, wellbeing and lots more!

All you wanted to know about HMOs and licensing in Durham: Cllr Liz Brown answera your questions!

PACT logo

We no longer start our meetings with a PACT (Police and Communities Together) session; there are regular PACT meetings covering the whole of the Durham City area. PACT meetings for Durham City do not appear in the listing on the Police website, and are liable to last-minute cancellation, but may be advertised by a notice in the Police Station window.

PCSO Rebecca Carey, University Liaison Officer, has confirmed that any complaints of antisocial behavious by students should be referred to the police, and that excessive noise after 23.00 is unacceptable and should be logged (dial 101, and take note of incident number). The University no longer takes responsibility for the behaviour of students living outside colleges. Or e-mail Rebecca: ( ). Calling the police enables them to log incidents, so that there is a public record.

There is a new police information system at where you can sign up to receive e-mails with information about crime trends, fraud etc.

For non-emergency matters, the police contact number is now 101; if this does not answer, try 0345 60 60 365.

Crossgate Community Partnership is a charity whose objects are:

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