Crossgate Community Partnership

Community tree planting at Laburnum Avenue

Community tree planting at Laburnum Avenue, February 2024
Photo © Roger Cornwell

Crossgate Community Partnership is a forum for the people of the Crossgate area of Durham to work together to conserve and improve its environment and amenities, and to promote a strong, safe, healthy, and balanced community.

Our next meeting will be held at 7.30pm on Tuesday 6th August in Rushford Court. Everyone living in the area is welcome to attend.

Meanwhile, the email list (see below) remains at your disposition to share news and thoughts.

There is also an extensive archive of minutes of past meetings.

Our AGM in January 2024 appointed the following trustees for 2023: Emma Backhouse, Roger Cornwell, Ann Evans, Chris Hugill, Simon Priestley and Sarah Wilkinson.

2024 Schedule

Our meetings for 2024 will take place on the following dates, all at 7.30pm in Rushford Court - with our thanks, as ever, to Unite Students for making this facility available to us:

Discussion group

AntiSocial Noise Procedure

Durham University, Durham County Council and Durham Constabulary have collaborated to put in place a new Anti- Social Noise Procedure, codifying the action that can be taken when noise from student properties causes a disturbance.

This confirms that the first step in dealing with noise is to report it to the police non-emergency number (101). Efforts are being made to ensure call handlers are aware of student areas and the bespoke protocol in place by which Durham Constabulary handle calls relating to noise in these areas - but you may find it helps to mention the University's has a Community Response Team.

You are also encouraged to log the incident using the PinPoint tool (see below) as well as the County Council's Noise Complaints system.

City of Durham Parish Council

Members of the public are entitled to attend all meetings and Committee Meetings of the Council, and there is an opportunity to speak during the Public Participation section of the agenda.

The Full Council meetings usually take place on the fourth Thursday of each month. This may sometimes be subject to change and the Council may elect to call extraordinary meetings. The Agendas for these meetings are published giving three clear days notice, so that residents are aware of when and where our meetings will be held and what topics are on the Agenda for discussion. Copies of Council Agendas and Minutes can be found here (scroll down the page for latest in date).

Council website


is an online tool that has been created by the City of Durham Parish Council in partnership with Durham Students Union as a means of mapping issues of late night noise disturbance and other forms of anti-social behaviour in Durham City Centre. This tool has been designed to aid a better understanding of anti-social behaviour issues within Durham, so that we can more effectively tackle and challenge this behaviour.

You can either access it from a link over on the right of the Parish Council website, or directly by clicking on this link.

There is also a PinPoint map which shows where earlier incidents have been reported.

This is not a substitute for reporting incidents via 101. Its purpose is to gather evidence so that Parish Council actions and policies are based on sound evidence.

Neighbourhood Wardens

Neighbourhood wardens work to improve the quality of life for residents by reducing the level of anti-social behaviour and the fear of crime. There is more information on the County Council website.

To reach the Neighbourhood Wardens, telephone 03000 26 0000, e-mail or use Do It Online.

Durham Constabulary

Police contacts

Any complaints of antisocial behaviour by students should be referred to the police: excessive noise after 23.00 is unacceptable and should be logged (dial 101, and take note of incident number). The University no longer takes responsibility for the behaviour of students living outside colleges. Calling the police enables them to log incidents, so that there is a public record.

The University Liaison officer is Sean Tindale, e-mail: .

The Inspector in charge of the City team is now Dave Clarke, who says "Contact me if I can help with anything at all."
Tel: 0345 6060 365 (ext.200993)

There is a police information system at where you can sign up to receive e-mails with information about crime trends, fraud etc.

For non-emergency matters, the police contact number is now 101; if this does not answer, try 0345 60 60 365.

Living out in Crossgate? Download the Council's Student Life App for information on rubbish and recycling (including bin collection dates for your street), accommodation, events in Durham, personal safety, health, wellbeing and lots more!

All you wanted to know about HMOs and licensing in Durham: Cllr Liz Brown answers your questions!

Crossgate Community Partnership is a charity whose objects are:

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