Crossgate Community Partnership: Minutes

Minutes of the meeting 2nd November 2010

Roger Cornwell, Jean Rogers, Mike Costello, Colin Green (Treasurer), Simon Squires, John Halliday (Neighbourhood Warden), Malcolm Knox (PCSO), Paul Coburn (PCSO), Ann Evans, Desmond Evans, Carole Reeves, J.L. Moles, Odile Fong, Dick Fong, Jan Harwood, John Hitchman, David Wood, David Ramsden, (Cllr) Grenville Holland, (Cllr) Nigel Martin, Donald McKay
Apologies for absence:
were received from Lesley Aers
Roger Cornwell volunteered to chair the meeting, and Jean Rogers to take the minutes. There is currently no secretary in post.
The minutes of the last meeting were approved as a correct record.
Report of the Neighbourhood Warden (brought forward):
  • rubbish should now be being removed from the back streets as soon as it is reported
  • work is in progress to prepare a letter for students, with local information
  • he is trying to get large communal rubbish bins for the Avenue / Hawthorn Terrace.
Police Report
There were 13 crimes in the Crossgate area in the last month: these included theft from vehicles, burglary, criminal damage and fraud.
Carole Reeves reported on parking in Back Nevilledale Terrace on yellow lines which were obscured by leaves: this caused congestion.
There was some discussion of who best to notify about problems with student parties; the police officers circulated their non-emergency number (0345 60 60 365) and urged people to make use of it, but it was also argued that the University might impose harsher penalties on student misdemeanors.
The following matters arose:
Town Council: Roger reported on the meeting organised by Mary Hawgood. Grenville Holland also spoke about the potential rôle of a Town Council. Others expressed a desire for more information, including detailed figures and boundary maps.
Byland Lodge: Nigel Martin had spoken to colleagues from the Durham Villages Regeneration Company, who are looking to put in a revised planning application within the next six months.
Pleskies Peskies Park: It had been reported that the park was due for another clean-up session, but it was agreed that this should be considered in the spring.
Recent planning decisions
The previous day's Northern Echo had reported that Durham MP Roberta Blackman-Woods had criticised the system of planning decisions. Nigel Martin had asked for the structure of the planning committees to be reconsidered by the Council's constitutional body.
Satellite dishes in the Conservation area
should not be visible from the public highway. Any which are visible should be reported to Pamela Glaister (
Local Transport Plan
Roger urged people to comment on the Local Transport Plan (and to oppose the proposed relief roads).
Nigel added that the document itself is available on the Council’s web site, and that there is a web address for online submissions.
Town / Gown Relations
In addition to all previous problem's, the following issues were raised:
  • The assault on Mike Costello
  • a general increase in loutish behaviour
  • the increase in exclusive use of the swimming pool by the University Swimming Club
  • the experiment reported by the police in which intensive policing of South Street early in the academic year had resulted in an improvement in behaviour.
Roger suggested that Chris Hutchinson (the University's City Liaison Officer) should be invited to attend a future meeting, and this was approved.
Treasurer's Report
The Treasurer reported that we had assets of £2850; a grant to St. Margaret's Allotment Association had been approved but not yet paid.
The assets had been built up in the past, but were not now growing.
The change of signatories on the bank account was now with the bank, but there was no problem getting cheques signed in the interim.
Dates of future meetings
It was agreed that, subject to the availability of the meeting room, we should meet regularly on the first Tuesday of every month. The next two meetings will therefore be Tuesday 7th December and Tuesday 4th January.
Any Other Business
Desmond and Simon will look into whether the handling of some recent planning applications amounted to maladministration:, and report back to the December meeting.
Possible speaker from the Town and Country Planning Trust: Carole?
The meeting noted with regret the recent death of Mr Bert Tulip of Waddington Street. Roger reminded the meeting that he had looked after the communal garden behind Waddington, Mowbray and Ainsley Streets.
City of Durham Trust Christmas cards, showing the statue of Lord Londonderry as (formerly) seen from within the Guildhall, were circulated. These can be seen on, and ordered from, the Trust's web site.