Crossgate Community Partnership: Minutes

Minutes of the meeting 3rd May 2011

Roger Cornwell, Jean Rogers, John Ashby (St Nicholas Community Forum), Carole Reeves, Lesley Aers, Simon Squires, Desmond Evans and Ann Evans, (Cllr) Nigel Martin
Apologies for absence:
were received from David Ramsden, John Halliday (Neighbourhood Warden), John Murphy (AAP), Odile Fong, Dick Fong, Jan Harwood, Mike Costello, (Cllr) Grenville Holland.
Roger Cornwell chaired the meeting.
Report of the Neighbourhood Warden / Police:
Not applicable, as neither Neighbourhood Warden nor police representatives were present.
AAP report
John Murphy was not present, but had sent a written report. The new Priorities have been formally adopted for 2011/12 being:
  • Supporting Voluntary & Community Sector (VCS)
  • Activities for Children & Young people
  • Housing
  • City Centre issues
  • Climate change/clean & green
The next meeting is on Monday 16th May at Shadforth, when a presentation will be given on the potential closure of the Tourist Info Centre.
Neighbourhood Planning Forum
John Ashby explained the idea of a Neighbourhood Planning Forum as discussed at St. Nicholas Community Forum.
The Localism Bill envisages Neighbourhood Planning Fora to give a voice, and actual powers, to residents where there is no parish council or town council.
John has written to Barry Grimes of the Sustainable and Balanced Communities Forum suggesting that this body should take steps to be constituted as the Neighbourhood Planning Forum for Durham.
It was agreed that Roger should also write to Barry asking him to approach the County Council and open lines of communication; it was also suggested that the AAP might be able to act as facilitator.
The minutes of the last meeting
were approved as a correct record.
Matters Arising from the minutes of the previous meeting
The following matters arose:
  1. Register of issues: Mike Costello has written to Terry Collins as agreed; Ann Evans thought that the frequency of cleaning had dropped off again, and Nigel Martin agreed to try to find out what the cleaning schedule is.
    Some illegal advertising signs have been removed.
    Replacement road signs had been promised by 1st May for those missing, but no-one knew whether this had been done.
    There was discussion of a collapsing wall by the traffic lights on Alexandra Crescent.
  2. Neville's Cross Battle Walk: The Parish Paths Partnership / Rights of Way Office will replace the missing waymarks.
    Maiden's Bower is common land but not owned by the council; an information board there would require permission from the landowner, and the council would not help with the funding. On the other hand, an information board about Maiden's Bower, would more usefully be placed opposite (not on) the mound.
    Roger would ask John Halliday whether he had made any headway over the steps in Flass Street; he and Ann Evans would then consult in the light of his response.
    Roger proposed that the CCP organise a walk on the anniversary of the battle (17th October) and invite students.
  3. Housing sites in Green Belt: discussion of this item was deferred.
  4. Peskies Park clean-up: King's Church have confirmed that the proposed date of June 11th is suitable for them; the suggestion was that work should be carried out between 10.00 am and 12 noon, to be followed by a barbecue.
  5. Article 4 directives: Stuart Timmiss told the Sustainable Communities Forum that he was recruiting staff to deal with this, and would not be accelerating the process; it was agreed that after a fortnight Roger should ask him for a progress report (mentioning that we will be meeting on June 6th, and would like a reply by then.
Councillors' Reports
Nigel Martin reported that the planning application for a workshop in the Peth / the Avenue (11/00072/FPA) would be considered by the committee on May 10th; Roger would attend the meeting and would speak in support of the recommendation not to grant planning permission;
The council has launched a month-long consultation on library provision: it proposes to close Clayport Library on Sundays, saving enough to allow the retention of three smaller libraries elsewhere in the county.
Any Other Business
Discussion of building work at 8, New Street.
Date of next meeting
Monday 6th June.