Crossgate Community Partnership: Minutes

Minutes of the meeting 11th June 2012

1. Attendance:
Present: Roger Cornwell, Jean Rogers, Janet Bayat, Councillor Grenville Holland, Ann Evans, Councillor Nigel Martin, David Ramsden, Leesa Bennison (Durham Police, City beat team), Mike Costello, Dick Fong, Odile Fong.
2. Apologies for absence:
were received from Carole Reeves, Lesley Aers, Ruth Chambers and Debbie Sadler-Watson and Malcolm Knox (Durham Police, Framwellgate Moor) and Janie Bickersteth.
3. Roger Cornwell took the chair, and welcomed those present to the meeting.
4. PACT (Police And Communities Together) session
a) A full written report had been received from Debbie Sadler-Watson; this was accepted as a standard form, and Leesa Bennison talked the meeting through it.
b) Rowdiness in the North Road had been agreed as a priority at the previous meeting: Leesa reported that she has been working with bus station staff, and using their office as a base to keep watch on the bus station and area. She gave some examples of interventions.
Dumping of refuse behind Iceland has been raised with the police as an instance of fly-tipping; Ruth Chambers had circulated e-mail correspondence on this subject with refuse collection agency in Peterlee. Roger will reply to Ruth, and encourage liaison between Streets Wardens and Peterlee.
c) Traffic jumping lights at the foot of the Peth: Roger had been out twice with a camera. In half an hour during the morning rush on 11.06.2012 he had observed 4 incidents of vehicles jumping the red light, one of which involved two cars. He had made a short DVD of these which he showed to the meeting and handed to PCSO Bennison to progress. There was a consensus that the pedestrian phase is too short, even when cars observe the lights. Janet confirmed that as a driver she also encountered problems at that junction with cars jumping the lights against her.
Dick Fong spoke about the recent case of bicycle theft, when their garage had been broken into: the victims of crime wonder whether anyone has been caught, and would like feedback which provides closure.
Leesa introduced the Shopwatch scheme, and proposed children's Treasure Hunt.
It was agreed that next month's meeting should also include a PACT meeting.
5. Neighbourhood Warden's Report:
The Neighbourhood Warden - now the Streets Warden - was not present, but can be reached by telephone on 0191 527 5047: press 4 to speak to the warden.
6. The minutes of the previous meeting
were agreed as a correct record.
7. Matters arising
(a) Nigel Martin reported that Wharton Park continues to develop well. Accessibility issues mean that it is unlikely the house can be converted into a visitor centre, and the current plan is for a new visitor centre, with the house being returned to residential use, perhaps for a residential park keeper.
(b) Rubbish and recycling collection: The new scheme starts this week - by our next meeting we will have some idea how well it works.
(c) Warning lights on Margery Lane: Grenville Holland had raised the possibility of speed warning lights, which had met with mysterious opposition at the council. Local councillors have assigned money for a 'raised table' to slow traffic. Our councillors will continue to pursue this issue, and the meeting expressed its support for what they are doing.
d) Play equipment removed from Allergate Park: The e-petition for its return has 228 signatures, and its closing date has been extended past St. John's Eco Fair. The total signatures to date are not sufficient to force a council debate, but were felt to be an impressive tally for a local issue.
(d) Tourist Information: The voluntary Durham Pointers are now active.
(e) Appointment of Simon Squires as Treasurer: has now been completed.
8. Local Councillors' reports
Nigel had been trying, so far without success, to obtain details of road closures for the passage of the Olympic torch through Durham, to discover which roads would be closed at what times.
There will be an open consultation session on the development of the Ice Rink site in the Town Hall on June 29th.
Grenville spoke about plans for the Police Headquarters.
12. Any Other Business
a) Janet Bayat urged the reinstallation of the handrail in Crossgate: the meeting supported this, and Grenville and Nigel will investigate what can be done.
b) Durham at the Crossroads, a public meeting with Jonathan Porritt on Wednesday 4th July.
13. Date of the next meeting
Tuesday 3rd July 2012.