Crossgate Community Partnership: Minutes

Minutes of the meeting 1st October 2012

1. Attendance:
Present: Carol Reeves, Lesley Aers, Jean Meredith, Liz Brown, Annie Brown, Ann Evans, John Parker, Ruth Chambers, Jean Rogers, Mike Costello, Dick Fong, Odile Fong, Daniel Keenan, Jan Harwood, Janie Bickersteth, Sgt. Tim Robson (AHRU: Alcohol Harm Reduction Unit), PCSO Martin Haigh (AHRU),
Roger Cornwell (late arrival)
2. Apologies for absence:
were received from Roger Cornwell, David Ramsden, Councillor Nigel Martin, Simon Squires, PCSO Deborah Sadler-Watson, PSCO Leesa Bennison.
3. Janie Bickersteth took the chair, and welcomed new - and long-time - attenders to the meeting.
4. PACT (Police And Communities Together) session
a) A written report had been received from Debbie Sadler-Watson, and copies were circulated. Items of note included a rise in thefts of bikes (people were asked to be particularly careful to secure sheds and garages in the approach to Christmas); after a particularly rowdy intake last year, students are being told that the police will not tolerate anti-social behaviour.
b) Traffic jumping lights at the foot of the Peth: following the site visit, the group agreed to request more frequent police patrols to discourage motorists jumping the red lights.
c) Community Speedwatch in Margery Lane; Carole Reeves reported that the Speedwatch exercise had produced a remarkable drop in traffic speed.
Tim Robson undertook to follow up on both of these issues.
d) Boxers pub in Crossgate: Tim Robson, speaking as Alcohol Harm Reduction Officer, told the group that he was very sorry they had had to suffer the problems associated with these premises. An action plan was in place, and he was confident of getting results. Problems with any premises in the area would be dealt with in a robust manner.
People reporting activity outside Boxers are asked please to note date and precise time, to enable police to obtain CCTV footage.
e) Other licensing issues: An application has been received from the management of the Studio to take over the Durham Live venue, running it on the same terms as previously.
The police had contested the LOve Shack's application to extend its opening hours, and this had been withdrawn. But it is difficult to oppose the big conglomerates who own these venues, and once one obtains an extension, the others will follow suit.
Police were looking at the potential for a Late Night Levy / Early Morning Restriction Order.
5. Streets Warden's Report
Mike Costello will press for a Streets Warden to attend the next meeting of the CCP.
6. AAP report
Carole reported that the City Centre Development subgroup had been shown a presentation by the people who want to develop the Ice Rink site: the proposal was for an ugly development accommodating over a thousand workers with no provision for car parking.
Mike reported that the Housing subgroup has completed a report.
7. The minutes of the previous meeting
were agreed as a correct record.
8. Matters arising
a) Refuse and recycling: problems in the Quarryhouse Lane area were discussed, and Mike agreed to pass them on to Keith Parkinson.
b) Allergate Play Park: Ruth Chambers has written to the Principal of St John's College about contributing to a play area used by the families of graduate students; she has not yet received a reply.
c) Reinstallation of the handrail in Crossgate: the meeting was frustrated that no progress could be made on this in the absence of both local councillors; Ann Evans agreed to write to Simon Henig and George Garlick at the Council, and to tell our councillors that she was doing so.
9. 24 The Avenue
An application had been submitted for the construction of three multi-occupancy houses on the garden of 24 The Avenue: the meeting was unanimously opposed to this, and urged everyone to submit objections. Ann Evans and Roger Cornwell would collaborate on an objection from the group, and Mike Costello would ensure that Roberta Blackman-Woods is aware of the application.
The group would continue to press for a Council policy on HMOs.
10. Proposed development at Mount Oswald
Given that the developer, Banks, had previously been responsible for the development on the site of Neville's Cross College, those present were sceptical that they would deliver what was promised at Mount Oswald.
11. Police and Crime Commissioner
There will be a contested election on November 15th; nominations were still open
12. Local Councillors' reports
Disappointment was expressed that neither of our elected representatives was able to attend the meeting.
13. Other business
a) Talk by Bruce Kent on War - Can We Prevent It? followed by a discussion in Durham Town Hall on October 17 at 7.30pm.
b) Dangerous cycling, mainly but not exclusively by students, had been observed: cycling on footpaths; wearing dark clothes; cycling down Crossgate; etc.
c) Janie Bickersteth reported that the Green Belt Campaign is putting together an alternative County Plan.
14. Date of the next meeting
Tuesday 6th November 2012.