Crossgate Community Partnership: Minutes

Minutes of the General Meeting 7th May 2013

1. Attendance:
Present: Roger Cornwell, Jackie Litherland, John Sharpe, Liz Brown, Annie Brown, Jean Meredith, Ruth Chambers, Dick Fong, Odile Fong and Jean Rogers.
2. Apologies for absence:
were received from PCSO Steven Bell, Ann Evans, Carole Reeves, Simon Squires, Councillor Nigel Martin, Mike Costello and Janie Bickersteth.
3. PACT (Police And Communities Together) session
a) No police officer was present: PCSO Steven Bell had known he would be unable to attend and had sent his apologies, but had hoped until the last minute to find a colleague who would substitute for him. We had therefore had very little notice that the police would not be represented, and some of those attending had been advised to do so on the basis that the police would be present. Roger Cornwell was asked to write to the police asking them not to publicise meetings they are unable to attend.
b) The written Police Report was discussed: members present also reported a pattern of people being seen in back alleys etc looking for metal items that could be stolen and sold for scrap.
c) Priorities: fly-tipping in Grape Lane had stopped; it was agreed therefore that this could be removed from the priority list.
d) Priorities: problems arising from the new development in Redhills Lane -there was no feedback on this priority issue, and it was not mentioned in the police report.
e) Late Night Levy: this is under consideration by the Council, and our letter asking them to treat it as urgent received a reply saying only that it is in progress. It was agreed that the correspondence should be forwarded to our ward councillors, with a request that they urge the council make progress.
f) A complaint had been received that cars parked in a residential street had been scratched, but no one present had any firm information on this. In the absence of factual information, it was agreed that we should take no action..
g) Ongoing priorities: the meeting would like an update on the reported nuisance in Redhills Lane / new priority: reports of theft for scrap.
4. The minutes of the previous meeting
were agreed as a correct record.
5. Matters arising
a) We have no further information on the development on the Fred Henderson / Ainsley Street site. Jackie Litherland will contact the Colemans to ask for their news.
b) There are rumours that the University has bought the County Hospital site. Jean Meredith will investigate this. At the same time, Roger and Ruth Chambers will research how best to find out from the University what they plan.
c) Nigel Martin has been pursuing the issue of persistent To Let / Let By Boards.
d) The reinstatement of the Allergate Play Area seems to be progressing.
e) 51 The Avenue: building work continues, and the builders appear to be gutting the house, removing original sash windows etc. Pam Glaister (the Council's Senior Enforcement Officer) had told Roger that a planning application would be forthcoming, but this had not yet appeared. The meeting asked Roger to continue to pursue this case with the Planning Office.
6. University Liaison
No representative of the University was present.
a) Concern was expressed over the redevelopment of the Three Tuns, which is a listed building. Roger would contact the Elvet Residents' Association to see whether there is City-wide interest in this property.
b) End of Term clear-out: Roger has e-mailed the Strategic Waste Team: John Shannon, Strategic Waste Manager thanked him for his letter and promised a full response. Roger will follow this up before the next meeting, with the aim of having a strategy in place ready for the new term in October. The meeting felt that there must be some way to make landlords responsible for keeping their tenants provided with a full complement of bins.
7. Summer bulbs for St Margaret's Churchyard
The church has contributed £15 to purchase bulbs; the meeting agreed that the CCP should match this.
8. Durham Food Co-op
Ruth spoke about the Durham Food Co-op; more information on their website (
9. Councillors' Reports
In the absence of any local councillors, Roger reported on the election results. The CCP's area of interest falls within two council wards, so we now have four local councillors, all Liberal Democrats: David Freeman and Richard Ormerod in Elvet and Gilesgate, Nigel Martin and Grenville Holland in Neville's Cross. Roger had invited them all to attend the meeting, and would continue to inform them of the dates of meetings.
10. Any Other Business
Jackie gave notice that she would like a future meeting to discuss the old garage between Waddington Street and Mowbray Street; Roger asked her to e-mail details round the group.
11. Date of the next meeting
Monday 3rd June 2013.