Crossgate Community Partnership: Minutes

Minutes of the Meeting 7th November 2017

1. Attendance
Present: Roger Cornwell (in the Chair), Alan Doig, Ann Evans, Odile Fong, Margaret Jefferson, Brendan McKeown, Simon Priestley, Carole Reeves, Jean Rogers, Simon Squires, Ann Stokes, Kevin Turrington, Sarah Wilkinson
Cllr Liz Brown.
2. Apologies for absence
were received from: Lesley Aers, Michael Costello, Clare Wright (received after meeting)
Cllr Elizabeth Scott, Cllr Richard Ormerod
3. Minutes
The minutes of the previous meeting were agreed as a correct record.
4. Neighbourhood Plan
The consultation phase of the Neighbourhood Plan has now opened: 85 visitors signed in to the session at St John's church. It has been suggested that the CCP (and other residents' groups) might wish the submit comments. This was discussed, and it was felt that the main need was for individual responses from local residents, and all members of the CCP were urged to do this. However, it was possible that we might wish to make a joint comment in the light of something not previously considered that might emerge from the consultation process. It was agreed that discussion at our December meeting would allow for this eventuality.
5. PACT meeting
Ann Evans intended to attend the following day's PACT meeting, and asked whether members had concerns they would like her to raise: she had already received several reports of people ringing 101 to report late night noise, and being told that this could not be dealt with immediately.
Roger Cornwell asked how many warning notices have been issued so far this term.
Kevin Turrington and Brendan McKeown both emphasised that there are areas where the noise problem comes not from house parties but from passing foot traffic in the streets.
6. Regulation 7 (statutory control of letting boards)
Council Enforcement Officer Pam Glaister has told Cllr Liz Brown that the Council is "still collecting ammunition"; members are urged to continue to report infringement of voluntary code (and planning regulations). Roger intended to attend the next meeting of Cabinet, and to ask what progress had been made. The meeting encouraged him to do this.
7. Proposal to site an electricity substation on Waddington Street (ref DM/17/00974/VOC)
The Planning Department had been advised by the developer that this element of the application would be dropped; when it was removed from the application, Liz would withdraw her call for the case to be determined by the committee.
8. Retrospective application for planning permission: 30 Nevilledale Terrace (ref DM/17/03035/FPA)
This application has been refused, and in theory the applicant must now rebuild the wall. It was possible that the applicant would appeal, and the CCP would continue to watch what happens.
9. Retrospective application for planning permission: uPVC windows at 11 Brierville (ref DM/17/03034/FPA)
A decision was still awaited on this application; there had been an excellent letter of objection from the office of Roberta Blackman-Woods MP.
10. Successful appeal against refusal of DM/17/00124/FPA (Extension to rear of 2 Crossgate Peth)
This was disappointing. However, the Inspector's decision in a planning case does not set a precedent, and it was not clear why the Council appeared to be treating it as a test case.
11. North Road "Bus Gate"
Earlier this year, Cllr Richard Ormerod had consulted the CCP about the Council's plans for a "Bus gate" (i.e. improved signage) restricting access to the North Road. He had been asked whether this was being monitored, and whether the Council felt it was successful, and although he was unable to attend the meeting had agreed to try to find out. Residents commented that they had noticed an increase in traffic heading up Neville Street (presumably because it had been diverted from the North Road).
Brendan commented that preventing traffic driving through the North Road ignored the greater problem that the road is being used as parking for a large number of taxis. Liz is looking foe ways to enforce the ban which prohibits leaving the engine running while cars are stationary (her priority is pollution at school gates, but this would also apply to taxis).
12. Other Business
a) Dropped kerbs in The Avenue: Roger had complained to the Highways Department about construction of a dropped kerb at 53 The Avenue, and been informed that there was no obligation to consult residents. He would ask for a copy of the relevant Council procedure.
b) Continuing problems with Dominos Pizza: Kevin reported that there was a continuing problem with litter, and that he was working closely with Rebecca Young of the Licensing Authority. Meetings with the business were having some effect. Problems are also caused because Dominos has a late licence for delivery only: sometimes this is deliberately infringed, at other times frustrated customers cause disturbance. Kevin fears that this will only get worse when the opening of the County Hospital brings an additional 300+ student residents to the area. In addition, delivery trucks call at 2.00 am. Kevin will be asking for the support of the CCP when Dominos licence comes up for review. He was warmly thanked for his work to date.
13. Reports from local Councillors
Liz asked people to continue to report breaches of the Voluntary Code on Lettings Boards to Pam Glaister.
Cllr Elizabeth Scott has been in correspondence with local police, and Liz would ask her to circulate information about her progress to date. They would both be attending the PACT meeting.
14. Date of next meeting
Our next meeting will be held on Monday 4th December.