Crossgate Community Partnership: Minutes

Minutes of the meeting 6th June 2011

Roger Cornwell, Mike Costello, Carole Reeves, Lesley Aers, Jean Rogers, John Hitchman, Jeff Young, Jackie Levitas, David Ramsden, Dick Fong, Odile Fong, Kasper Peeters, Jan Harwood
Apologies for absence:
were received from (Cllr) Nigel Martin, Desmond Evans, Ann Evans, Simon Squires, Colin Green, John Halliday (Neighbourhood Warden) and (Cllr) Grenville Holland.
Roger Cornwell chaired the meeting.
Report of the Neighbourhood Warden:
The Neighbourhood Warden was not present, but had told Roger that the Flass Lane steps had been cleared; Lesley Aers confirmed that this was the case.
Police report:
a digest of the Police report was appended to the Agenda; it was discussed, and noted.
AAP report
Carole Reeves had attended two meetings of the AAP, the general Board Meeting held in Shadforth, and a meeting of the City Centre Development Group.
  • The City Centre Development Group had discussed the consultation over the redevelopment of Milburngate House; it had been suggested that this might be re-run, to allow greater input. It was also possible that there might be consultation over the former Ice Rink, now owned by One NE, across the river from Milburngate House. It was agreed that Carole would write to John Murphy on behalf of CCP, saying that we support the AAP in asking for the consultation to be reopened.
  • Elvet Waterside: the planners and residents are now in discussion about the design brief, and the AAP will now withdraw, having helped facilitate this.
  • The Board meeting had received a presentation on the potential closure of the Tourist Information Office: this was very unpopular. It was agreed that Jackie Levitas would write to the Council (to Terry Collins and Neil Foster, with copies to the press) on behalf of CCP, expressing our belief that the TO helps bring money into the City, and that no research has been done into the impact of the closure.
Matters arising
Register of issues: Mike Costello reported no further feedback on this; the broken mirror and missing street names had still not been replaced.
Street lights were being left on all day, but it was not clear whether this was the temporary effect of modifications being made.
Neighbourhood Planning Forum: Barry Grimes had acknowledged Roger's letter, and it was likely that the issue would be discussed at the next meeting of the Sustainable and Balanced Communities Forum.
Neville's Cross Walk: see Neighbourhood Warden's report above re. Flass Lane steps.
Housing sites in Green Belt: the Green Belt campaign is planning a public meeting.
Peskies Park clean-up: cancelled due to lack of interest.
Planning application for a workshop on the Avenue Roger and Ann Evans had spoken in support of the Officers' recommendation to turn down, and this had been successful, but the application can be resubmitted within the year. The applicant had been encouraged by the Committee to talk to the neighbours before resubmitting any application. In the meantime, preparatory work has left the site an eyesore.
Article 4 directives: Roger had written to Stuart Timmiss, asking him for a progress report and mentioning that we would be discussing the issue at tonight's meeting; no reply had been received. Jackie Levitas proposed that Roberta Blackman-Woods be asked to revive the series of meetings with the relevant people about the Viaduct Area which had led to the original order, inviting Stuart Timmiss and other planners as well as residents and other interested parties. Roger was sceptical about the effectiveness of this, but it was agreed that he and Mike should sound out Barry Grimes, and ask him, if he felt this would be useful, to take steps to do it.
Any Other Business
Discussion of development at Byland Lodge, and the developer, Keepmoat.
Dick Fong spoke about press reports of the Rookstone development (11/00235/FPA) at Fieldhouse Lane not being in accordance with planning permission. Grenville Holland had raised this at our April meeting.
Date of next meeting
Tuesday 5th July.